January 15, 2013

Trimming up the Trim

Of all the rooms in our house, we liked the original color of the walls in the dining room the best.  A nice robust green color, it reminded us of the color in our dining room we had at our previous house.  While we've had a number of rooms already painted (kitchen, bathroom, sewing room), we felt that the green in the dining room was nice enough to keep as is.  Even with the nicely painted walls, this room still needed some attention -- the base trim.

The trim as it was when we moved in.
Although I am generally not a fan of painted trim, the white color does go well with the green walls.  The problem was that the paint had flaked off and was showing many signs of age.  All it took was a fresh coat of paint and our dining room trim was looking like a nice clean inviting space again.  

A fresh coat of paint makes all the difference.