December 20, 2012

Fixing a Drip

Wisconsin is known for its rough winters. They don't call Lambeau Field the 'Frozen Tundra' for nothing!

Our home was a foreclosure property. The bank didn't want to pay the heat bill, so after a while the heat was turned off. Unfortunately, the water wasn't completely drained out of many of the pipes before that was done. Water in pipes and fixtures + freezing temperatures = burst pipes and damaged fixtures.

The faucet in the 2nd floor bathroom was one of the fixtures that was damaged. Chris at Sinclair Plumbing thought that the water freezing in the faucet may have expanded and created a small crack. Over time, and as the faucet was used more, the crack got bigger and bigger, until every time the faucet was used, a little puddle of water formed under the sink. We obviously needed to get a new one.

I wanted to make sure we got a new faucet that would look nice with the original pedestal sink, as well as one that was known for its quality.  We decided to get a faucet from the Leland collection by Delta. It's a cute little teapot-style faucet in a brushed nickel finish.

We had to survive without our sink for eight or nine days. Then, Rich from Sinclair Plumbing was able to come over with our new faucet and install it for us. As soon as I turned on the bathroom light, the bulb burned out. He offered to change the light bulb for me, so of course I took him up on it! Customer service at its best!

The new faucet looks great.

Our sink without a faucet.

Our new faucet, along with a clean sink and a de-cluttered bathroom!